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A little bit about me

Lenscape Scotland is the web site of Edinburgh based amateur photographer, G Gainey.   I have a long-standing interest in the built and natural environment, having worked professionally as a town planner until my recent retirement.    I've never felt a strong compulsion to travel abroad, and find most of my photographic inspiration here in Scotland.

I moved from south of the border to study in Edinburgh – a good many years ago now – and was so captivated by the city that I put down my roots and have stayed here ever since.   The city’s unique landscape setting and historic fabric, with history oozing from every stone, has been recognised in its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation covering the old and new towns.

However, wonderful photographic opportunities are not just confined to Edinburgh’s historic centre.   The city incorporates some delightful historic villages and also has exciting modern architecture.   And of course the three great bridges across the Firth of Forth offer almost limitless scope for image making (with the rail bridge recently becoming the city’s second World Heritage Site).

The other benefit of living in Edinburgh is that it’s a great base for exploring the fabulous Scottish countryside.   As a keen hill walker, I’m particularly drawn to some of the remoter and wilder parts of the country, including the highland glens and mountain ridges, and the wonderfully diverse coastline and islands.   But I’m certainly not averse to exploring more accessible locations, from castles, gardens, woodlands and nature reserves to feats of modern engineering (such as the Falkirk Wheel and Kelpies) and industrial landscapes.

In order to capture the true spirit of a place, I believe it is important to venture out in all seasons, all weathers, and all times of day (and night).  Indeed the prospect of  unusual lighting or atmospheric conditions can be a great motivator for setting out in the mist, or the snow, or the dark.

I’ve developed a particular interest in night-time and low light photography, which reveals Scotland’s iconic landscapes in an entirely different light (literally).   That has meant lugging a tripod and lenses up many a hill.   As a non driver, my preferred modus operandi is camping high up and waiting for the light.   The exciting thing is that you never know quite what conditions will be like, and no two visits will produce the same lighting.    Like many photographers, I’ve had a number of frustrating trips, but when conditions come good then its definitely worth the effort !

Although I have been peering through a viewfinder for more years than I care to remember, I am still very much on a learning curve, and still searching for that perfect picture.   I take my photographs mainly for personal enjoyment, although some have appeared in local publications.

The other main outlet for my work is in the form of audio-visual presentations of scenic photographs set to music.   Again, this is mainly for personal enjoyment, although I do give occasional shows for local groups, especially those who are less able to get out and about and enjoy the landscape under their own steam.

I am not currently geared up for commercial production, although I may move towards that in future.   In the meantime I am happy to share my interest with others. I hope you enjoy perusing through the photographs, and please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more, or if you have any comments or suggestions.

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